About Us

Our small enterprise was born out of the common passion of a father and his sons for Big Game Fishing, Mauritians and fishermen in Mauritius for more than 60 years. We have spent whole days fishing around the coast of Mauritius in our various fishing boats that we have...

Boat & Equipment

Aquila, 53 ft Sportfisherman, was launched in July 2011. Designed and built in Mauritius, she is perfectly suited for the needs of Big Game Fishing in Mauritius. She is extremely seaworthy, comfortable with her 3 cabins, and bathroom. Powered by twin Yanmar 370 hp, she has a capacity of...

Fishing + Villa

You wish to do some fishing for a few days while your family is having some good time in Mauritius? We can propose you the combined boat / villa offer, that will allow you to be lodged in a 5 bedroom villa right on the beach with spectacular views over the northern islands, one of the most scenic landscapes in Mauritius.



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